CHIRON Series Retail price
Speaker Cable CCS-200 2m pair $10,950.00
Interconnect XLR CCX-200 2m pair $7,950.00
Interconnect RCA CCR-160 1.6m pair $4,950.00
Interconnect RCA PHX-R160 1.6m pair $8,950.00
Interconnect RCA CTR-160 1.6m pair $3,950.00
Red Miracle Series
Interconnect RCA RM-150 1.5m pair $2,500.00
RM-100 1m pair $1,700.00
We reviewed the price of our cable this time.
Even in the elaborate made new version, we are lowering the price a bit.
The old version lowered the price down to about two-thirds of the list price.
The old cable will not be posted as soon as inventory runs out.
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