Artist Setsuo and Hanako Mino

Sound Arts of Audio Cables
The basic concept of our cable production is artistic looks and extremely raw sound. Our criteria for artistic sound are mental, emotional and physical, and It is also the sound of the five elements of air, water, fire, earth and light. We hope to create cables that produce sounds what feel the pulsation of humans and the universe.

We pursue a systematic sound that is a proof that a person lives with life. Basically, in order to construct sound, we believe that it is necessary to consider the effects on the mind, emotions, human body, and subconsciousness. We hope that when a musical wave sound wave signal passes through a cable, the mere sound signal will be expressed as the performer's personality and overall harmonics. We believe that people are not completely satisfied with just beautiful, formal electronic sounds.

Our cable philosophy is to enable the expression of every tones for emotions, sensitivity, mentality and lively. The nature and the life have all kinds of sounds, colors, textures, smells and scenes, and are full of various personalities and vitality. In constructing cables, we are making efforts to feel such elements.

We choose brilliant freedom of the future, not constraints.
Generally speaking, We feel that audio cable is slightly neglected when compared with high-end speakers, amplifiers and analog players. But in fact, there are other hidden invaluable possibilities. We believe audio-cables must not only have the role of transmitting information but also have a good appearance so that the owner can also enjoy the aesthetics. By owning this cable, for example, it can become a tool to enrich your life with beautiful sounds and appearance. It is an ordeal for us if it said that a cable is likely to be stepped on.
We don't want the cable that transmits valuable information to be treated like that.
Conversely, we would like to raise the cable to a higher standard.

RMAF 2018

Location: Kumamoto, Japan.