We are pleased to bring you a truly unique audio accessory product. Our cable is produced with the highest of craftsmanship. Our product is the intense research of the highest quality copper wire and precious metals. This quality choice produces noiseless transmission for the most demanding audiophile. At the junction near the plug, it was built with the best distribution of palladium, gold, platinum of precious metals and cobalt, magnesium. Copper alone has made it possible to develop natural sound that is difficult to express. Continuous research ensures optimization of our product. Our cables are hand made, promising the high quality control that has been recognized internationally as “Made in Japan”. No solder is used in the production of our cables and this sets us apart from the competition. All our wires are crimped by terminal crimper to ensure quality and years of use. Each product has undergone 5 days of testing using continuous current to check it's performance and durability. Insulators are made from silks spun in Kyoto.